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 Episode 19 

I pleaded with her to wait till 6am, i even lied that the gate is opened 6am… she insisted she wants to leave. i said okay… she went into the bathroom, i tried to sleep. she woke me up again, i was very tired.

It’s few minutes before 6am. i stood up. I was brushing my teeth when i heard Clara voice called out my name.

I asked Debby to open the door. Clara walked into the bathroom and she asked me

Clara: Who is she

Me: Good morning

Clara: i said who is she

Me: At least answer me first. am greeting you

Clara: why cant you answer me too. who is that girl.

Me: ok.. she is from around and she is my friend. (her voice went louder)

Clara: She has been around since yesterday, i saw her when i came to check you.

Me: Clara what is the meaning of all this. I pushed her away and went into the room, to dress up.

Debby was quietly sitting on the bed. listening to our conversation. Clara continued her ranting, she said.

Clara: So just a friend came to your house to sleep overnight. you cant talk shey… see condom on the floor and you said she is your friend.

I turned back to see what she was saying, Debby clapped her hands three times and hissed. and said.

Debby: sweetheart hurry up and lets go. I dont want to be late. (both on high notes)

Clara: what is your problem b*tch, do you have anything to say. silly ashewo.

Debby: excuse me. dont insult me.

Clara: and what will you do if i do. Debby stood up, dropped her bag. and said… you just try me.

This girls want to create a crazy scene.. not in my house. I jumped in between them and i held Clara firm, Clara why are you doing all this, its too early for all this.

Clara: But its not too early to bring a prostitute to your house. Debby gave Clara a dirty slap, so hot that i felt the heat.

I turned to stop Debby and Clara pushed me away both started fighting.. I tried to stop them but i couldn’t. My neighbor and
his wife selling fish rushed in and we were able to separate them.

Clara was still trying to give Debby a punch as it landed on my neighbor, the fish seller took Debby to the sitting and i was begging Clara, when My landlady and Sisi walked in… before anyone could say anything.

Sisi jumped on Debby and we all rushed towards them, she held on to Debby cloth until it was turned out, we all could see her bra.

My landlady was shouting as she held Clara and took her out, handed her to her brother waiting outside. She pulled Sisi out also.., after few minutes. I regained my senses, I thanked my neighbor and his wife, she gave me a wicked look that says (go to hell).

They left pleading with Debby to take it easy. I went down to the floor, prostrated and was begging Debby. She didn’t answer at first until i held her leg. She asked me stand up after about 15 minutes. She requested for my shirt.

We talked for about 10 minutes as i explained who Clara is.. My landlady daughter that wants to f–k me really bad, she has a crush on me, but i told her we can only be friends.

She didn’t believe me, she asked to leave, i went in to bring her bag. gave her 5,000 naira and told her we are going out next week.

She smiled and said don’t worry. So that your crazy girlfriends can beat me again. I kissed her and apologized again. We left as i drove out, went to drop her off, and as i turned to go home. My phone rang and it was Joy calling me.

 Episode 20 

Joy called me, i took a deep breadth and picked her call… her voice was soft..

Joy: Hello baby, is it true you brought a girl home to beat my sisters?

Me: Honey its not like that… your sister got angry and jealous over assumption?

Joy: Jealous? why? how? are you dating my sister too? (am i dating any of you sef)

Me: No, she wanted the girl to respect her as a friend, my closest friend.

Joy: who is this girl?

Me: Joy, honey….am driving when i get home i will call you.

Joy: Am sorry if my sister embarrassed you.

Me: anything foe you dear. later.

Joy: bye. I smell trouble. so………. I called segun, i need a new apartment around the area. as fast as possible… you know my
taste o. (Segun is lawyer and also into real estate agent.)

I drove home. and searched for my receipt for the house. i still have 2 months left. Segun called me several times about the houses he got but i was not satisfied with either the money, structure or environment.

Finally he got a nice place for me… a busy area…close to the road and has about 12 different secondary schools within the vicinity.

My remaining two months in the compound was like hell…. playing hide and seek with my landlady and her daughters. I moved to my new apartment and i was welcomed by my only neighbor, its a two flat building. we are both bachelor, but he lives with a Lady (wife- to-be).

Back to my old compound… indeed my remaining two months was a different story. When i got back home that same day. i knew my greeting terms hav being breached when Sisi walked away from me without a word.

I just smiled and entered. at about 7pm. i heard a heavy bang on my door… it was heavy and am sure its not a knock on the door.

It was my friend Segun, i had to check very well to see who it was, I called out his name if everything was okay.. he confirmed he was alryt.

I opened the door. Segun why you bang my door like that na, wetin happen?

Segun: Guy shut up your mouth and tell me exactly what happened, your landlady tata for your d–k? I downloaded everything to Segun and as we were both laughing at the story, i heard my name, it was Clara.

Yes, the door is open. she hesitated but she finally opened the door. sat down and was quiet. i noticed she needed privacy, so i signalled Segun to take his leave.

He begged to leave and o just saw him off to the door, he just kept shaking his head, as i was about to close the door, he whispered ” Guy you are finished”.

Babe, is everything okay?

Clara: started explaining her trials since morning, how her mum and sister had bin asking her questions and accusing her of having affair with me secretly.

She soon burst into tears.. i sat down and watch her finish her acting. then u ask her what i can do for her. she just kept quiet, turned her back on me and rested her head on the 3 sitter hand.

I stood up and went into my room. she was there for about 30 minutes. i mixed flakes and ate. off to bed. Clara had slept off, i thought of waking her up to leave but i prefer to respect her. i slept off my dear, a sound sleep.

Clara brought me back to reality with a gentle touch. she knelt down and started apologizing. I knew that’s her aim.. she embarrassed me. after few minutes. u agreed to let her sleep. but continued teasing me trying to make me smile. she failed.. i was trying to sleep and she would not let me.

I was getting angry, so i asked her what she wanted. she just will not stop. I begged her to stop pushing my head, tapping my chest and pulling my ears, all sorts of stuffs just to ge attention.

I got the answer when she started rubbing my hands Clara still wants to f*(k me after what happened today. No way!!! No way!!!!! i am not falling for this.

To Be Continued Tomorrow… Watch Out!

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