Album -ADM [Afro Dance Music]
Artist – Krizbeatz
Record Label – Streets Legend (2017)

Lets get started with the Album Tracks review.

Intro ft baddest Dj Timmy
‘Hype Not Worthy’, this was my first thought of the opening track. The trap instrumental, however, is amazing! A perfect start for a producer Album. Dj Timmy’s weak punches and lyrical wackiness, on the other hand, isn’t worth being on the album. Stop forcing ‘Warri Accent’, if we want that, we’ll call Mr. Jollof.

A previously released song, in fact, it’s the first song Krizbeatz officially released since he broke into the mainstream. The rising effect on the beat is associated already with Krizbeatz. He’s indeed the King of AFRO-EDM in Nigeria or even probably in the world. On this track, he proves it. 3 minutes of hardcore Electronic music with mad vocals. Though this version is different from the previously released song with newly added instruments and hot vocals especially at the end with a Jamaican influenced vocal laced perfectly on the song.

More Ft Marvelous Benjy and YungL
Mid-tempo dancehall beat with all elements of the Kriz effect( the rises, the rolls, the electronic melodies and more) YungL came through in his verse. The song appraises a lady and her body (a typical Naija song) and basically, they want more. The ghetto legend Marvelous Benjy didn’t disappoint on his end. That sound under wasn’t needed though, I mean the message notification sound alike made into a melody is out of place. I love the end! Damn! The calmness! loop that, and you have a love song instrumental on your hands.

Maria ft Sauti Sol.
“Let’s sample ‘Maria Maria’. Just the name though” Kriz probably said to Sauti Sol during this session. Slightly above average song thanks to Krizbeatz for throwing his vocals about on this song, it got me wondering why he didn’t just do the intro himself. I’m sure it’d have been more ‘litty’. Sauti Sol didn’t bring it completely. Kriz hype, the beat made up. for their shortcomings. All hail ‘Maria’.

Been expecting this since!!! Here’s probably one of my favs on this album. More vocals from Kriz. Baba probably was saying nothing sensible but it sure is sweet to the ears. Well coming from someone who made “Shangba Shangege tora fupe” sound nice on Emma Nyra’s ‘Jamina,’ it’s nothing new. ‘Makeke Makereke’ is a sweet dance song. Djs own this one. I can’t but relate it to Masterkraft’s ‘I go dance’ and ‘Sharwama’ as he’s the first to do this style in Nigeria on a large scale.

911 ft Yemi Alade and Harmonize
Another previously released song, this, features the queen of rubbish lyrics, Yemi Alade and one of Tanzania’s finest Harmonize. Krizbeatz obviously did a lot of songwriting on this one. the ‘Panadol, Cetamol’ repetition reminds us of how Yemi Alade got her Nick. Harmonize on the other hand came through for the culture. though he took his verse in his mother tongue, his melodies coupled with his sweet voice is
the highlight of this song. Aunty Yemi went on to ramble ‘Panadol’ and ‘Cetamol’ into our ears. Thank you Krizbeatz! Anymore after where your voice came in I’d have needed both ‘Panadol’ and ‘Cetamol’. what is Kenkeke Kenke though?

Boss whine ft Skales
Kriz the producer, Kriz the DJ, Kriz the songwriter, Kriz the arranger, all came together on this song. The ‘New Wave’ effect is in full fleek here, the bridge where he went on to electronic sounds is just perfection, giving breaks to Skales not too bad, not to good vocals. The snare rises on the chorus keeps you reminded it’s a Krizbeatz production. His weird vocals as usual on here, making me expect a Solo song.

Best rapper ft Ceeboi
Intro has a skit or sort with Krizbeatz on a call with a female fan and friend gushing about Ceeboi. The world wave Empire signee and probably Krizbeatz closest friend goes on to brag about how he’s the best rapper. EDM and trap fusion instrumental, Krizbeatz is truly the ‘KING OF NEW WAVE’.the rhymes and rap prowess Ceeboi displays on this track is hot but weak for the ‘Best Rapper’. He switches to the fast rap style he’s known for at a point, but he wasn’t as fast as some of his previously released songs. Ceeboi is one of the few acts that do well, like really well on Krizbeatz ‘New Wave’ style of production. This, maybe due to the insane amount of years they’ve spent working together.

Oh Bebe ft DJ Tira, Jfcrocksss and Naak music
South Africa’s Dj Tira, Upcoming gospel rock musician Jfcrocksss and Naak music come together on this song. Another one for the club but not likely Nigerian clubs, as the song, sounds like something you’ll hear on the street of SA. One for the culture as krizbeatz is a product of South Africa’s SAE music institute himself, however, the horns at the end brings it back home. pon pon! pon pon pon!!

Poker ft Mayorkun and Reminisce
Krizbeatz sampled ‘Maria Maria’ some more and a little of ‘Despacito’ in this one too. Mayor of Lagos, Mayorkun comes through with his normal style infusing his sweet wordplays on this. Baba Hafusa, Reminisce never disappoints. I was expecting that end because all through, I didn’t hear the ‘Kriz effect’ he saved it for last it seems. this song has the qualities of a Nigerian pop hit.

Rumble ft Seyi Shay and Sean Tizzle
if you’ve ever been in the studio with Krizbeatz, you’ll know he’s a very playful person. his playful nature shines brightly here. Sean brought it, lost it along the road then found it back all in one song! Seyi Shay, on the other hand, kept it simple and sweet. She has a very nice voice and she didn’t shy away from using it. Kriz killed this one more to me though. Big shoutout to Mighty who single-handedly mixed and mastered every song on this album except one, track 7 that marqaimixx did. Thank you for complimenting Krizbeatz Talent with quality mixes.

Give Them ft Lil Kesh, Victoria Kimani and Emma Nyra
little Kesh like Olisa Adibua calls him didn’t disappoint one bit. This song is Nigerian! at least 85% of it, unlike Krizbeatz other songs.
‘Give Them’ is probably my favorite song on the album. probably in 2017 generally TBH. The ladies came through too. Victoria Kimani just admitted she smokes, can this song get any better? Only then do the horns hit you and you enter a melodious orgasm.

Erima ft Davido and Tekno
Krizbeatz biggest personal song so far featuring Tekno and OBO baddest himself Davido. Though I expected more Tekno on the album, we’ll just have to make do with this one. No much talk needed here. Erima is a Ghanaian girl, she lives in Festac, she has a big posterior, she’s beautiful and she scatters OBO’s head. She also can make a Cele member wear shoes. Don’t they wear shoes though? story for another day. I’d really love to meet Erima!

I congratulate Krizbeatz on this masterpiece, he did a good job.

Overall, We rate the album 7/10  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Over to you guys

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This review was written by Egbeleke Samson

@richibeatz on Instagram

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ALBUM INFO Album -ADM Artist – Krizbeatz Record Label – Streets Legend (2017) Lets get started with the Album Tracks review. Intro ft baddest Dj Timmy ‘Hype Not Worthy’, this was my first thought of the opening track. The trap instrumental, however, is amazing! A perfect start for a producer Album. Dj...