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Just a month after marriage Chidima had increase in size, she had become a little plump. The bed creaked as she turned on the king sized bed. “It 8am, would you prepare breakfast” Benjamin said. She woke up, prepared breakfast, they both dined and Benjamin went off to work.

She was now tired of the marriage, she was always bored when Benjamin left for work. Chidinma had been pressurizing her husband to open a beauty salon for her in the finest place in town and it has to be the best in town. Chidinma after school wants to open a beauty salon- the best in town.

She is not cut out for paid employment; the idea of working for someone really nauseates her, so now she is really urging her husband to open one for her. Being at home alone wasn’t fun to her at all, she was always bored, to get rid of boredom she would go on a shopping spree with her friends, buying expensive clothes, make-up, jewelries, hair extensions and everything she deems good for her.

Due to the circumstance of her birth and upbringing she had high taste. She believes in getting the best no matter how expensive it is and would never settle for second best. She had always gotten anything she wanted. She had never lacked anything in her life. Hence she could not understand why benjamin was cautioning about her spending.

On one occasion she bought a shoe worth 855, 000 naira. She showed Benjamin to know what he thinks about the shoe. Benjamin liked the shoe, but when she told benjamin the cost, he was furious.” How can you spend such huge amount on just a shoe, OMG, I could actually buy a shoe better than this for just 50,000naira”.

Her countenance was awful; she had never expected her husband to flare up that way. She also flipped “just 855, 000 naira and you are raking like this, I don’t get you at all Benjamin, I haven’t even spent up to 5million since we have been married and you are ranting. I have been considerate; we went to only Canada for our honey moon when I actually dreamed of going to about three countries.

I have even stop organizing parties; I have also stopped going to the club, and all I get from you is complains, you are yet to open my beauty salon, if you know you can’t satisfy my needs let me go back to my father’s house, I can’t suffer, I have to enjoy my life, and you can’t stop me.”

Benjamin couldn’t believe his ears, 5million in two months, if he spends 5millon on his parent and sibling at home they would worship him, and here is wife feels 5million is rubbish” Benjamin tried persuading her to cut down her spending, that he could not afford those expensive things for now. But she wouldn’t listen; she kept on making her point. Benjamin was agape. How did I get myself into this trouble; I am finished; he thought.

The next morning on his way to work, after ruminating on the situation of things, he had decided he would go meet chief his father-in-law and tell him his pains, how the marriage had gone bad; hoping chief could remedy the situation. In less than two months he was fast becoming bankrupt.

His business had really gone down. He couldn’t take it anymore all the business contracts he thought he would secure on a platter of gold because of his father-in-law’s reputation didn’t come through as planned. The connection he had anticipated from his father-in-law wasn’t forth coming.

His business was running down fast, he was becoming broke.” Am going to lay all on the table for him, this awful, I can take this anymore; if I had taken heed to warnings I wouldn’t be in this situation” he muttered as he drove off to work. He left work at noon to see chief as he had planned.

When he reached there, they exchanged pleasantries. He spoke bitterly about the happenings in his home even with butterflies in his stomach. Chief, Obinna, his father-in-law started to speak,” very good my son, I understand you perfectly well. I must commend you; I know that it is not easy to be a man and am also aware how difficult it is to make money.

But I am sorry to say this, I can’t do anything about your marriage, I am a genuine Igbo man, once we marry off our daughters we do not interfere in their marriages, we respect the husband and we do not control and manipulate any one. I believe you are man enough that’s why you choose to marry my daughter.

All you need to do now Is to be creative, find a way to manage your family, take the right steps, and be creative. I would rather not interfere, if I do, people wouldn’t understand, they would insult me and say am controlling your home because am rich. I would rather let you be.

And as regards connecting you, I don’t believe in connection at all, I feel that is the problem we have in this country, which brings about incompetence in this country. When someone get something without no sweat he abuses it, he wouldn’t value it. I believe diligence and determination would help a man become a success, which I would be praying for you”. Benjamin was peeved, he tried to obscure it, but his countenance betrayed him, it was prominent.”Thank you sir, I would be taking my leave now” he said.”Okay, take good care of your family, God bless you my son” chief replied.

He headed straight for the office, he kept on cogitating; he couldn’t believe his ears. “Creativity, what kind of creativity do I need, 5million in two months! And all he could say is Creativity, yee!” He muttered under his breath. I should have taking heed , who is to blame, is it goodluck that pointed out the girl when I was enjoying my life he thought to himself, he kept thinking, how am I going to deal with the situation now?, how am I going to be creative? How am I going to manage this marriage?

I can’t even dare file for a divorce, her father has enough power and connection to finish me for messing up his daughter and his reputation, what’s the way out O God!, he hissed, she is not even pretty, she is not even worth all the stressed, what a big mess! He was so depressed.

He got to work, finished up and went home. He would have discussed the issue with his friends but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, he didn’t want them to mock him, since he had thrown all caution to the wind. The crises in this marriage had started taking its toll on him. Though he had enough to cater for his needs he was looking pale and unhappy.

He entered his apartment at VI, it was tastefully furnish but he didn’t like the atmosphere. “Honey, I have been expecting you” she welcomed him and snuggled him. “Guess what” after some seconds she said “I am six weeks pregnant, the doctor confirmed it today” Benjamin rolled his eyes; he was taken aback “Pregnant!” He shouted. “Yes dear” she replied with so much excitement” aren’t you happy, it good news, and guess what, I just spoke with a friend Titi, and she suggest I have the baby in UK”.

Benjamin was stunned and dumbfounded. Another problem, a big predicament, I don’t even love this woman, he thought. He was confounded, “we would discuss this later, I am tired” he said to shove her. The next morning, he headed straight for chiefs house and told him about the latest problem, tears welled up in his eyes, and chief took pity on him and volunteered to pay for all chidinma expenses until she delivers.

He was very grateful. Three weeks later she travelled to UK, chief paid for all her expense, and gave him a urge amount of money to take care of his wife. Benjamin was excited, he felt like a free man, it is better to be single than to be married he thought to himself. His focus was his work now, he needed to restore it.

To be continued…

Next episode: A dilemma.

Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.

By Tosin Oyetayo (

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Read Episodes 4,3,2 &1 HERE EPISODE 5 Just a month after marriage Chidima had increase in size, she had become a little plump. The bed creaked as she turned on the king sized bed. “It 8am, would you prepare breakfast” Benjamin said. She woke up, prepared breakfast, they both dined and...