Episode 10

Chidinma was de vasted; she was just pacing around with the baby on her back, soliloquizing. She was still in disbelief, she couldn’t believe Benjamin could do such thing. She had been jilted in her past relationships because guys came solely for her money.

But benjamin was different from her ex-boyfriends, unlike her ex-boyfriends; Benjamin spent on her, benjamin took her out on several dates. So she was convinced Benjamin was not driven by money but by love. She was now thinking of what she was going to do to Benjamin when he comes home. She subsequently entered a world of imagination, where she was imagining different things she could do to Benjamin.

The cry of the baby jolted her out from the world of imagination “Noo, Benjamin must feel the pain; I am feeling right now, how can he betray my trust, what have I done wrong, he was supposed to get me an house help, No he didn’t , instead he went about parading with a young girl.

Chief must hear of this” she started to soliloquize. She tried to pet the baby boy, but all effort proved abortive. “ohh God! I can’t take this anymore, this has to end today” she said to herself nodding her head in self-pity.

It was a battle of the mind for benjamin as he drove home that evening. He had just met with his friends. They had said some painful truth to him. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. They had advised him to forget about helen and focus on his marriage with Chidinma since she already had a child for him.

He kept on meditating on it; as he drove home. No he couldn’t quit his relationship with helen, he was so in love with her. He was confounded. He thought of explaining everything to chief, but he dropped the thought, how can he tell chief he was in love with some other woman; that was so impossible. Chief would finish him. As he negotiated a turn at the end of the streets he almost hit an old woman. “Oh my God!” he screamed about 20 minutes later he was home.

Chidinma who was already asleep on the sofa stood up immediately she heard the sound of his car. She had braced up herself for a fight mentally. “Where are you coming from?” she asked benjamin who had just entered the living room. “What sort of attitude is that, you didn’t even welcome me” benjamin was angry already. “I already know your secrets, your lover came here today” chidinma exploded.

Benjamin was surprised “I don’t understand what you are saying” Benjamin responded. “Don’t play dumb with me, you know what I am saying, I mean your lover…” chidinma tried to remember her name, unfortunately she didn’t even ask for Helen’s name. Benjamin knew he was in trouble, he perfectly understood what chidinma was saying but he played dumb.

Chidinma continued, “so you have been cheating on me since I went to the states, what did I ever do wrong benjamin!, I would tell everyone especially chief that you have been sleeping around, how can you betray our trust” chidinma said bitterly and started weeping profusely.

Benjamin was tongue tied; he didn’t know what to say. He stormed out of the house with anger, his life was crumbling before him and he couldn’t do anything. What he feared so much as finally happened. He was confused, he didn’t know who to call, what to do nor where to go. Later on He went to a bar and drank himself to stupor.

Helen locked herself up in a room, she had not come out of her room since she came back from Benjamin’s house. She had been weeping, her mother and father had tried to persuade her but all effort proved abortive; infact they even fuel her anger because she felt it was her parent that made her make the wrong choice. Helen was confounded, how was she going to get back to her love.

Her friends advised she called him quickly that he could accept since it hadn’t been long since they broke up. Immediately she dialed afolabi’s number. Afolabi who had not fully gotten over Helen was having dinner that night when he saw helen’s call; he was surprised.

He picked up and Helen explained everything to him. She pleaded for his forgiveness. Afolabi was happy and at the same time very sad; he forgave her and accepted her back; Helen was very happy, she had learnt her lesson- All that glitters aren’t gold. Afolabi told his friends about the phone call he received from Helen. Some of them felt he made the wrong decision by accepting her back, that she would do the same thing if she saw a better/richer person; that he was only a second choice.

Afolabi would have broken up with her, but for the sake of the love; he had for her and all the sacrifices he had made, he decided to stick to her. Starting all over with another person wasn’t an option for him.

Benjamin had to plead with his wife chidinma for forgiveness and he also asked her not to tell chief about his affair with Helen. That it was just a fling and nothing more. Chidinma forgave him and they came back together.

Benjamin tried his best to love chidinma but he couldn’t; perhaps because chidinma wasnot able to change her character. Anytime benjamin sees happy couples together he would only feel nothing but pity for himself.
Remember the saying: “All that glitter’s aren’t not gold”

**The End**

Written By Tosin Oyetayo (

Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.

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